Science talks

We need to act urgently and quickly. In the metropolitan area of Barcelona, for some years now we have been observing all kinds of extreme weather phenomena (heat waves, torrential downpours, droughts, etc.), and we know that by the end of 21st century the average annual temperature could increase by 1.9 °C in a moderate scenario and up to 4 °C in the most pessimistic scenario. We are an area highly vulnerable to climate change.

International agreements are not enough to keep global warming under 2 °C by the end of the century, the threshold marked by the scientific community. European countries want to lower greenhouse gas emissions 55 % by 2030 and be neutral by 2050. In spite of this, the world is heading for a catastrophic global temperature increase of more than 3 °C by the end of this century.

According to the United Nations, countries need to aim for an economic, social and environmental recovery that includes energy decarbonisation. Only a post-COVID-19 green recovery can bring us closer to the path of not exceeding a 2 °C increase this century.