Energy transition

Changing the way we produce and consume energy, abandoning fossil fuels, lowering energy consumption and promoting renewable energy.

Citizens can play a major role in this change and get involved in producing the energy they consume, thus becoming prosumers. Choosing renewable sources and local generation will reduce energy dependence and the impacts on other territories.


  • To lower consumption (energy efficiency).
  • To promote the production of renewable energy and to encourage the “surplus” energy to be stored.
  • To adjust the energy supply and demand to allow energy to be exchanged between homeowners’ associations, public facilities and industry via the digitalisation of the network.
  • To introduce energy criteria in metropolitan subsidy programmes (housing, industrial policies, etc.) to reduce energy poverty and facilitate fair access to energy.

The PMEC (contains 20 actions, of which the following are highlighted)

  • To promote the installation and management of renewable energy in the municipalities so that they will be “100 % renewable” by 2030 and able to cover the consumption of their facilities, lighting, fleets, etc. with their own energy systems.
  • To support the creation of 300 energy communities: groups of individuals who generate and consume energy and organise themselves to share it under fair conditions (homes, industries and local administrations).