Recursos hídrics

Water resources

Water is a vital resource for human well-being, the functioning of ecosystems and economic growth and development. In the metropolitan area, the climate crisis will only exacerbate the scarcity of water resources.

One of AMB’s priorities is to ensure that water is used and managed as efficiently as possible.


  • To promote the use of alternative water resources (reclaimed water, groundwater, etc.).
  • To continue encouraging a reduction in domestic water consumption.
  • To reserve drinking water for activities that require high-quality water and to use lower-quality water for cleaning, watering, etc.
  • To identify situations of water poverty and work to minimise their impact on the population.

The PDECIA (Comprehensive Water Cycle Strategic Master Plan)

The PDECIA will establish measures needed to work towards integrated water management that respects its natural cycle.

This is why the efficient use of water will be encouraged by fostering the reuse or reclamation of this resource, given that the future need for water in the public space is expected to rise as heat waves become more frequent and longer.