Repte ciutat entorn

To plan cities and their environs

The metropolitan territory of Barcelona, with an area of 636 km2 and more than 3.2 million people, is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe and plays an important role in the Mediterranean. Metropolitan cities tend to have a series of features (high residential density, aged housing, lack of green spaces, etc.) that negatively […]

Repte residus

Circular economy and resources

The current linear economic model, based on the consumption of single-use products, is condemning the planet’s material and energy resources to a swift disappearance. The climate emergency is pushing us towards a circular economic development model that reduces the extraction of raw materials and minimises the amount of waste generated, while promoting reduction and reuse […]

Mobilitat sostenible

Sustainable mobility

One of the most important goals in the climate emergency is to lower the emissions caused by the transport sector, the main emitter of pollutants into the atmosphere. A drastic reduction in private vehicles depends largely on promoting electric vehicles, yet also on shifting towards healthier and even more active mobility, as public transport and […]

Recursos hídrics

Water resources

Water is a vital resource for human well-being, the functioning of ecosystems and economic growth and development. In the metropolitan area, the climate crisis will only exacerbate the scarcity of water resources. One of AMB’s priorities is to ensure that water is used and managed as efficiently as possible. KEY ACTIONS To promote the use […]

Energy transition

Changing the way we produce and consume energy, abandoning fossil fuels, lowering energy consumption and promoting renewable energy. Citizens can play a major role in this change and get involved in producing the energy they consume, thus becoming prosumers. Choosing renewable sources and local generation will reduce energy dependence and the impacts on other territories. […]

Science talks

We need to act urgently and quickly. In the metropolitan area of Barcelona, for some years now we have been observing all kinds of extreme weather phenomena (heat waves, torrential downpours, droughts, etc.), and we know that by the end of 21st century the average annual temperature could increase by 1.9 °C in a moderate scenario […]